Welcome Back to Face to Face Scouting 

On behalf of the Cumbria Scouts Programme Team, we would like to welcome you back into face to face Scouting and celebrate all the positives that have happened in the past few months!

It has been fantastic to see so many groups already taking advantage of the move to Amber with so many exciting activities being shared across social media. It is always amazing to see the creativity and energy each and everyone of you bring to Scouting! So Thank You. 

As eluded to in Eddie’s monthly emails we are excited to be able to send each and every member in the county a ‘Back Together’ badge to celebrate overcoming the challenges that have been imposed on us all by the pandemic. These have been posted to GSL or Group Contacts and should be with you early this week (if not already). 

This is linked to our newly launched ‘Cumbria Award’. An information pack is provided via the link below, to allow your members to complete this special award as well as giving you some simple, fun and interesting programme ideas! 

The award is open ended, simple and offers the chance for sections and leaders to be creative in completing the seven challenges. We would love to see you share these with us on social media channels or emails so we can promote the amazing things Cumbrian Scouts have been getting up to. 

As always we are always here to provide ideas, support or join in with new programme ideas so  Stay Safe and Stay Strong, most importantly if you need help reach out.

Thank you!

David, Josh, Chris and Steven 
Cumbria Scout Programme Team