Inspiring a new generation with skills for life

We’re so proud to welcome 4-5 year olds to our Scouts family, helping them gain skills for life when it matters most. But we need adult volunteers to help make it happen.

This new programme is currently open in 200 areas, with Squirrels Dreys launching throughout autumn 2021 into 2022. Here in Cumbria the first Drey is opening this month with more to follow around the county.

Squirrels offers the best of Scouts – learning by doing and getting into the great outdoors – combined with early years best practice of storytelling, routine, and play. It’s a huge leap forward for us: our first new age range in 35 years. And it is a key part of our response to the challenges facing young people.

We know that the most fundamental connections are made during the precious, formative years before five years old. What happens then – positive or otherwise – stays with them for life. Change the start of the story, and we change the whole story.

Building closer families, stronger communities and a fairer society

Squirrels comes at a time when inequalities in our society are all too clear. So we’re:
– Helping 4 and 5 year olds gain key skills like communication, teamwork and resilience through structured play and story telling
– Giving them a sense of achievement with great role models and a positive environment encouraging kindness and aspiration
– Strengthening the bond between parents or carers and their children by encouraging family volunteering
– Creating closer, more connected communities with volunteering at the heart.

To find out more about Squirrels check out

If you would like to volunteer to help us offer more opportunities for 4 and 5 year olds across Cumbria get in touch via our Volunteering Page.

If you have a child who would like to join please go to our Joining Page. Squirrels might not be open in your community just yet, but you can still register your interest.