All afloat with Keswick Scouts!

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All afloat with Keswick Scouts!

3 June 2017

With a Pirate Captain (ESL Richard Robinson) and a cheeky Parrot (SL Johnny Winter), and using a Pirate Ship hijacked (borrowed really!) from the Keswick Launch Company, scouts from the Keswick Scout Group spent the last Friday evening in May on a treasure seeking cruise to High Brandlehow.  The scouts searched for and found Gold, in the form of chocolate coins, but then had to wait until Captain Richard chased off that naughty Parrot who had been caught trying to eat the coins!  With the feathered fiend splashing in the lake, the scouts were able to enjoy the treasure as they cruised back to Keswick and home.

The scout group have recently received a donation from Keswick Rotary Club which allowed them to buy twenty new buoyancy aids.  The new equipment will allow the younger Scouts to try out water activities.

Scout Leader Johnny Winter said: “after upgrading our boats a few years ago, our buoyancy aids are coming to the end of their usable life.  As they are the most important piece of safety equipment, replacing them was a high priority.  The new buoyancy aids mean we now we have a full range of sizes available, and can offer water activities for our members from ages 6 – 18.  As Keswick Scouts are so lucky to be based near to so many lakes and rivers, we really want to make the most of them as much as possible.  This generous grant from Keswick Rotary Club will allow us to do that!”

Keswick Scouts with new buoyancy aids donated by Keswick Rotary Club