County Media Competition – Winners!

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County Media Competition – Winners!

2 March 2018

So, after almost five months, the County Media Competition for 2017 is over, and the judges have completed their deliberations.  Formal entries were only received for three categories, so the prize money was partially redistributed to reflect the amazing video contributions of two groups.  The results of the competition are (drumroll for effect)….



Best published story about a section/unit off-site event/activity/camp (print media):

Kieron Ryan, Scout from 5th/8th Kendal, wins £50 for his group  (see the story here)


Best published or broadcast audio/video story about any aspect of Scouting:

2nd Penrith Cub Pack:  (commended)

2nd Penrith Cub Pack:  (£50 prize)

17th Barrow Scout Group:  (£50 prize)


Best published story about youth-shaped Scouting, or Engagement with the Wider Community (published using any publically accessible digital media):

Bryan Caine, leader at Xenolith Explorer Scout Unit, wins £50 for the ESU  (see the story here)


No entries were received for the following categories:

  • Best published photograph of an offsite event/activity/camp
  • Best published photograph of a regular section/unit meeting
  • Best published story about a regular section/unit meeting (print media)

Remember folks, you’ve got to be in it to win it!


The 2018 media competition will be purely photography.  The plan is to gather enough images across the year for the County to be able to prepare and share a “print-your-own” calendar for 2019.  Full details of what images we want, and how to enter will be shared very soon.