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Gnome news is good news

17 April 2015

Network shine at The Gathering


15 Network members representing 5 out of the 7 Cumbrian Districts attended the 350 strong National Network Gathering over the Easter Weekend. The event which happens every year is designed to provide four days of adventurous activities as well as providing an opportunity to meet and socialise with network members from all across the UK.

unnamed-1In addition to the other activities members also competed in the illustrious ‘Sunday Games’. This is a series of challenging events designed to test members. This years games was competed by over 20 teams with the Cumbria Network seeing off all challengers to bring home the first prize of the patriotic network gnome.

As Cumbria Network continues to grow they look forward to more county events and are already building on the camaraderie of the gathering.

If you are aged 18-25 and would like to know more about the network please email Chris Woolhouse through the county directory page for the Network Commissioner.