High Sheriff of Cumbria Shield

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High Sheriff of Cumbria Shield

20 June 2015

High Sheriff AwardDuring the recent County Awards event the Sam Rayner, The High Sheriff of Cumbria, recognised all the volunteers that play a part in helping to deliver a “great and valuable service to the community”. As well as the formal award he also personally thanked all those involved that “make the whole scouting movement possible in Cumbria”.

Mr Rayner also recognised that scouting volunteers play a huge role in our community and to recognise this on an ongoing basis has initiated The High Sheriff of Cumbria Shield. The award, which will be presented at the County AGM, is for “the person or group that has been exceptional during the last year as a volunteer or for the benefit of a charitable cause”.

Mr Rayner highlighted that all our leaders, committee members and volunteers “give [their] time so freely and need to know that this is appreciated”. He encouraged inviting The High Sheriff to attend any future events involving Cumbria Scouts.