New Leadership and Management Training

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New Leadership and Management Training

21 February 2017

Changes to the Adult Training Scheme which effects all Managers and all those in Supporters roles came into effect at the beginning of February.

Those Managers/Supporters who are new into these roles, i.e. from the 1st February onwards, will now follow this new scheme.

Those Managers/Supporters who started their role prior to the 1st February (and the role is recorded on Compass) have until the 30th June in order to complete the old Scheme modules. Any individuals who have not completed their training by the 30th June will be automatically transferred onto the new scheme.

Please contact your Local Training Manager in order to discuss your training needs.

The County Training Team are also looking at how they can support Managers/Supporters to complete their modules 21, 23, 24 & 25 in order to assist you in completing your training.

Full details of the new training can be found on

There is also a useful guide showing all the details and changes. – Leadership and Management Training FAQs