Solway and Derwent Beavers go Global!

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Solway and Derwent Beavers go Global!

24 May 2017

At the end of April, Solway & Derwent Beavers from 3rd Wigton, 1st Cockermouth  & 1st Great Broughton took part in a District “Global” themed day at Beacon Hill School in Aspatria.  The day was jam-packed with activity bases aimed at them gaining their International & Global Issues activity badges.

The Beavers from each colony were divided into 4 teams, each with a country team name: Sweden, Netherlands, Japan & Canada (where Beaver Scouts originally began way back in the 1970’s).

On the international side Beavers investigated the uniform other Beavers around the World wear and their different promises & ceremonies, took part in a “Flagtastic” scavenger hunt to decode a message using 26 flags equalling the letters in the alphabet taken from some of the 33 countries that are lucky enough to have Beaver Scouts – along the way picked up how to say hello in the different languages as well as a fact about each country.  One of the activities saw the Beavers preparing their own lunches from a selection of international delicacies including decorating their own biscuits with the flag of their team, the Canadian flag proved a bit of a challenge but many came up with fab ways to replicate the maple leaf!  Post lunchtime the Beavers thoroughly enjoyed a few vigorous games of Shinty (Unihoc!) and a more sedate game of Boccia.

Also in the morning, tying in with it being the May Bank holiday weekend, Chris & Christine Hobson and John Crouch from Solway Morris Dancers came along to give the Beavers the brilliant opportunity to have a go at a well-known UK tradition: the hankie dance.  Beavers and Leaders were also treated, during our breaks, to a stick dancing demonstration.

The afternoon saw the Beavers moving onto their Global Issues badge making water filters, learning about endangered animals through crafts and having a go at some unfair games to explain what Fairtrade is.  A picture quiz tested the Beavers knowledge to see if they could identify a variety of Fairtrade goods in their raw state, who knew what a growing coffee or cocoa beans looked like?!

What would a Beaver Scout Day be without rounding it off with toasted marshmallows over tealights then squashed into chocolate digestives to make the traditional camp fire treat of s’mores (originally from the good old USA)!  Finally after having a go at singing Frere Jacques (Broder Jacob) in Swedish the Beavers were presented with their well-deserved badges.  Along with this presentation, Lou Hayton, Maryport & Wigton Leader, was presented with his 30 year service badge, truly amazing dedication.  Lou commented that “he had loved every minute of it”, a sentiment that a lot of leaders would definitely share!

Solway and Derwent District would like to thank Beacon Hill for allowing us the freedom of the school once again, Solway & Morris Dancers for giving us the benefit of their expertise and the many parents & grandparents who turned up to lend their most welcome helping hands.