South West Lakes Cooking Competition

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South West Lakes Cooking Competition

28 May 2017

Keen and ready to have fun, this weekend teams from four Cumbria scout troops in South West Lakes district took part in their first ever cooking competition!

Patrol teams from 2nd Ulverston, 11th Barrow, 17th Barrow and Walney Churches scout troops had all proved their skills at troop nights, and were keen to show their best at the first SW Lakes district cooking competition.

With only 90 minutes to prepare a three course meal, closely judged by District Commissioners Eddie Richards (SW Lakes) and Michael Ryan (Kentdale), the teams soon had the scout hut at 17th Barrow smelling amazing!

The skills that the scouts demonstrated were exceptional, and the judges remarked at the end that everyone had done very well, and picking a winner had been especially difficult.

After much deliberation, and not a little tasting, the judges declared 2nd Ulverston the winners!

The top two patrols will now go forward to take part in the first ever Cumbria county cooking competition, to be contested this year as a trial between South West Lakes and Kentdale.  Hopefully our other districts will be up to the challenge next year!

Click on any photo below, and that will open the full size image.  All images are reduced to fit on the website.  High-resolution images are available from Matt, the County MDM


Cooking: 2nd Ulverston

Cooking: 11th Barrow

Cooking: 17th Barrow

Cooking: Walney Churches

Amazing presentation: 2nd Ulverston

Brilliant melon boat: 11th Barrow

Plating up: 17th Barrow

Chopstick Challenge! 17th Barrow

Divine Dessert? Walney Churches

Judging: 2nd Ulverston

Judging: 17th Barrow

Judging: 11th Barrow

Judging: 11th Barrow

Judging: Walney

The Winners! 2nd Ulverston

The Winners! 2nd Ulverston