Training Scheme Overview

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Training Scheme Overview

Explanation of the Scheme

Once an adult has been recruited, agreed their job description with their line manager (Section Leader or GSL) and after the initial enquiry has been satisfactorily returned by Headquarters, a Provisional Appointment Certificate is issued by the Appointments Sub Committee. This allows the adult to begin their role in Scouting.

During the provisional appointment of 5 months the Leader will be asked to attend the Appointments Sub Committee.  This body approves the appointment of adults locally. Also during this time, the full Criminal Records Bureau check will take place and any references returned to the District Secretary for the Appointments Sub Committee. At this time a Training Adviser should be allocated to the new volunteer.

Getting Started

Also during this 5 month period the Leader must complete the Getting Started Course. This covers the basics required for all roles in scouting:

  • Module 1 – Essential Information
  • Module 3 / 4 – Tools for the job.  (Module 3 is for Section Leaders, Module 4 for Line Managers)

After 5 months a full appointment can be presented if all of the Getting Started training has been completed and validated.  If the Leader has been unable to complete or validate the training during the 5 months then the Training Adviser will notify their Line Manager (Local Training Manager/Leader/GSL) who will decide with the person whether they should apply for a further provisional 5 months.  A new Leader can only re-apply once for the same Provisional Appointment.

At this stage the Training Adviser will agree the modules the learner must complete.  Identify whether the learner needs to do any learning to be able to complete each module and agree the method of learning and validation for the modules. Details of all the modules required for each role can be found in the Module Matrix. For most the easiest and recommended method of completed this training is attending the county run First ResponseManaging Your Section and Outdoor Scouting courses. Details of these and other courses can be found on our training events page.

Further Training

The Training Adviser is responsible for recommending the award of the Wood Badge.  This can take up to 3 years to complete and the modules required vary by role.

In addition, before recommendation the Training Adviser must agree with the learner the first year’s ongoing learning.  Ongoing learning must be a minimum of five hours learning per year, calculated over the length of the appointment.  e.g. a weekend residential course for scouting or a First Aid qualification can be counted. There are also several required training that need to be completed for appointment renewal. Details of these requirements and other recommended training can be found on our On-going Learning page.

More Information

Full details of the adult training scheme can be found in the HQ publication Training Scheme Overview but if you have any questions please speak to your Local Training Manager.

If you wish to use the Adult Personal file to manage and track your training this can be downloaded and printed (Adult Personal File) but in order to reduce training costs this is no longer provided by the county.